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Devoe Family-00001
DeVoe Family
Date: 11/13/2016
Kolbe 3 months-00001
Kolbe 3 months
Date: 10/22/2016
Kolbe Baptism
Date: 08/14/2016
Nick's Diaconate
Date: 08/06/2016
Kolbe Adam
Date: 06/25/2016
Christine and Adam-1
Christine and Adam
Date: 06/18/2016
Mary and Steven-1
Mary and Steven
Date: 05/28/2016
Charlotte 6 months-1
Charlotte 6 months
Date: 05/09/2016
Kyle Z 2 years-1
Kyle Z - 2 years
Date: 05/07/2016
Momma Z squared-1
Momma Z squared
Date: 05/07/2016
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